LetsbeSocial - Sentinel Hydrosolutions - Water Leak Defense System http://letsbesocial.us/story.php?title=sentinel-hydrosolutions-water-leak-defense-system Fast action is the key to preventing damage from a plumbing leak. The Leak Defense System (LDS) is the best and most effective plumbing leak detector and automatic water shut-off valve on the market! The Leak Defense System is the industry leader in water leak shut off systems and smart-home water shut off valves. It’s so advanced that you can turn off water to your home, a zone of a high-rise or the entire building with a touch of a button. Detects plumbing leaks and serves as an emergency water shut off too! Invented to help stop water damage before it becomes catastrophic — saving you time Read More, money and hassle. Company Address: 1223 Pacific Oaks Place Suite 104, Escondido, CA 92029 Phone: 866.410.1134 or 760.884.8310 E:Mail : Sales@senthydro.com Website: https://leakdefensesystem.com Thu, 16 May 2019 20:57:26 UTC en